DreamScape Festival Spring 2011!

sounds something like … bassy echoes from the intergalactic dubosphere that landed in the form of skrillz dubstep from new jersey, ca. 

east coast subvandals coming to the west coast this spring with friends … check back soon for more music from the ever growing subvandals dubstep crew.


Download his tracks on soundcloud


Or Reverbnation



/^\ Link Portal to Dreamy Lovey Dubby Step Downloads Above

One week until we have arrived at the Holiday of Love. And the yurtstepping sunriser Jai Soleil has a lovely mixdown waiting to bless your ears in digital stream and download from soundcloud. 

You will have the opportunity to catch a special sunrise set from him at the festivities that will be continuing into April 3rd for DreamScape.

One week and two more moons and we will be upon the time of convergence for the collective consciousness that is becoming DreamScape Festival. 

An amazing dreamscape is beginning to coalesce itself into manifestation for you early spring festival goers by the collective of artists, djs, producers, and visionaries from various places around the US and beyond. 

May your ears be Bassed, and your mind remained Spaced. We will be dreaming together until this event arrives from the horizon.

More ticket offers, lineup news, and free media coming to you soon in future blog posts.

Get it bookmarked and check back in, we’ve more love to give!

you guys still need djs?

Thank you for your interest, we are excited that so many people want to be involved in this festival. Sorry We are fully booked solid, and stoked on the amount of talent we are able to bring. We will be working on a couple other projects for the summer. Send us your EP or Soundcloud for future events. We hope to have you join us this Spring.

Coming from the U.K. to bring you whats hot, and sounds you have never heard before.





ITS GOING DOWN  ——————————->

The Magick Report

would love to have a performance here



Line-up Complete with an exception of a couple possible Special Guests!

Spring Dreamers!

We will bringing you a solid 24 hours of original music, art, and dirty bass for your face. All in different textures, sounds, and beats in multiple areas for you to explore and enjoy.


  • Dark Elixir - First US Appearance from the UK
  • Crimes!
  • Emer
  • Skrillz!
  • ViceGrip
  • Destro
  • The Builder
  • AudioDru
  • Du3
  • DJ Ahab
  • DJ Seek
  • Elbereth
  • DJ Toxic Rainbow
  • Leafy Green
  • Mohammad
  • DJ Ergot
  • Dane-O
  • Foobz
  • AudioBomb
  • SmizzleMonster
  • Olove
  • Grizzly J
  • Professor Oak
  • Chlorophil
  • Scarebear
  • Tot3m
  • My Pet Monster
  • Drip-Drop
  • Indaskyes
  • Trackhed
  • Seantron
  • Dub Rock
  • DownSquarez 
  • Labrat
  • Tystick Bongroper
  • Caidance
  • DJ Colors
  • Pillijah
  • Triple Tree
  • DJ Gobi
  • Sir Paul



The Puddler

This is just a few of your tune selektors at Dreamscape Festival, a drove of other artists will be posted to the line up soon, stay posted!


Iayon Noemind - http://www.makingcontact2012.com/


created by Spaceboy Coop

in your dreams until april…

in your dreams until april…